Witches' Trail

The Witches' Trail is a highlight for the advanced junior group!

This trail leads through the witches' forest, which is marked out from the access bow. Children ski below the witches, ski down fast through the Witches' Schuss, which ends at the Witches' House, where you can hear the laughter of the witches. The photo print near the Witches' House is ideal to take some pictures.

And finally they ski through the Witches' Door and over the Witches' Hill back onto the slope.

  • 1st station:
    Access bow
  • 2nd station:
    Witch Mitzi hangs around in the trees above
  • 3rd station:
    Witches' Schuss
  • 4th station
    Witches' house with laughter, photo point and seats
  • 5th station
    Through the witches' door and the witches' hill back onto the slope